When it comes to underwear, presumably most girls feel love and hate. On the one hand, everyone feels that underwear will be very uncomfortable to wear for a long time, especially in summer, the entire chest will be stuffy and sweaty. On the other hand, you need to worry that it will look unsightly if you don't wear underwear. After all, as girls, we still need to cover some body parts. Some girls always wear underwear at home because they think that wearing underwear can prevent sagging breasts. In order to have tall and straight peaks, they will not hesitate to endure the discomfort brought by underwear at all times.

I believe that many girls feel that not wearing underwear will lead to sagging breasts, but in fact this statement is just a rumor, and experts have come out to dispel the rumor a long time ago. What really causes sagging of the chest is the weight of the connective tissue, fat and other substances in the chest. Because of these weights, combined with the action of gravity, it will cause the sagging of the chest. In addition, over time, everyone will have signs of aging. After aging, the skin is no longer as firm as before. This is also one of the causes of sagging breasts.

So, should women "wear underwear"? First of all, everyone should know that underwear cannot prevent sagging breasts. Whether a girl wears underwear or not, it is inevitable that her breasts will shake and her breasts will droop. Using underwear to alleviate sagging breasts is actually an incorrect approach, because underwear has little effect on alleviating sagging, and the real effect is just to block some private parts. Some gathered underwear can also improve the sense of line of the human body, but this is only to make the whole person look more line.

Girls who know something about underwear know that even if they gather underwear, they cannot really prevent sagging breasts. Speaking of underwear, there is also a medical problem involved. According to expert statistics, women who wear underwear for a long time are dozens of times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not wear underwear. It is not that wearing underwear is bound to suffer from breast cancer, but now too many girls are blindly pursuing the beauty of body curves, buying some unfit underwear, just to make the breasts look more curvilinear.

However, wearing unfit underwear for a long time will make the blood circulation in the chest not flow smoothly, which will cause the chest to clump, and finally cause the tragedy of breast cancer. Therefore, it is not that women are not advocating wearing underwear, but I want to remind everyone that when buying underwear, you must choose what suits you. Don't blindly pursue beauty. In the end, even health is abandoned. This approach does not pay off. It’s no problem to wear underwear when you’re away from home. You can take off your underwear when you get home.

It is important to relax your breasts. After all, the breasts need to be "breathed". Wearing underwear for a long time will only smother the breasts and cannot effectively prevent sagging. That being the case, there is no need for girls to wear underwear all the time at home. There are many styles of underwear on the market. It is important to choose a style that suits you, and a fitting underwear is even more important. You can rest assured to buy finetoo underwear. We provide a variety of underwear panties: contton, seamless, sexy etc and underwear bra suitable for women to take care of your health!

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