After wearing underwear for many years, do you know what is the most important thing to choose underwear? Is it style, color, size? Still no, it's material and functional design!

The closest to the sensitive grasp is the function of underwear itself. It is to protect privacy and bring good benefits. It is natural to choose good friends.

There are three criteria for the selection of underwear: comfort, fit, and good material. According to these standards, compare whether you choose underwear?

If you choose underwear that is too loose or too tight, inappropriate or inappropriate, it is easy to cause sensitive diseases, easily cause discomfort, will breed a lot of bacteria and viruses, and easily lead to privacy infections.

So don't underestimate underwear, it is the first layer of protection that the human body wears. If even the first layer of protection is not careful, let alone protect one's health.

Naturally, in our other side of cotton, there is more than a purer role, and cotton is not our pure choice among outsiders.

1. Polyester
It belongs to polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and recovery, is popular, wrinkled, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable and has excellent light resistance, but it is easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust and moisture. Poor sex.
80% cotton + 20% cotton is blended into cotton clothing, which overcomes the shortcomings of pure cotton that is easy to shrink and deform, and the moisture absorption is more beautiful than pure cotton.

2. Nylon

It is also very good for my own fiber. The ability is excellent in synthetic fibers. It has good disaster resistance, excellent waterproof performance, good abrasion resistance, and good elasticity.
The combination of pure cotton and nylon brings more elasticity, and the silk version makes the wearing experience more comfortable.

3. Lycra

It has excellent elastic elastic fiber, also called hemp nylon, good elasticity, elasticity, good moisture absorption, weather resistance, machine washable, and heat resistance.
95% cotton + 5% lycra bride is the best ratio of lycra cotton, in comparison, 50% cotton lycra cotton is inferior.
Among the elastic cotton properties of denim, the stent performs well in terms of tensile performance, hand feel, elasticity, abrasion resistance, elasticity, etc., but the production ability is relatively good, and other elasticities are relatively high.

Modal is a brand-new natural fiber. It is a green fiber of the 21st century. It is mined by the Lenzing Company of Brazil. It is made of beech pulp. The production of pulp and fiber is under the condition of no pollution to the environment. It has excellent green environmental protection performance.

Its characteristics are: 1. It has hygroscopicity, which is 50% higher than that of cotton; 2. It is a slippery and shiny fiber, soft, smooth, and has fine lines of silk; 3. It is wet With increased dye uptake, the color of the textile is bright and shiny, and it has a silk-like wash smoothly; 4. After many times, the initial moisture absorption and flexibility can be achieved.

The only disadvantage is that it is easy to change. If it is the same as bulk or Lycra blends, it can become very good.

5. Recommendations for technology fiber
In a new lightweight series researched by Jiaojie FRONTIER AIR, Jiaojie AIR pants are carefully created. These exquisite craftsmanship and delicate selection of materials have the characteristics of being soft, breathable, quick-drying, and deformable. In terms of touch, it has a silky surface like the second layer.

These potentials, presumably you know about panties, and hope to help you find suitable panties at Finetoo!

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