For any of us, we should keep our personal clothing clean and tidy. After all, this is closely related to our health. If it is not replaced in time, or if it is not cleaned properly, it may affect health. Although the underwear has less fabric, it has many functions. It can prevent being peeped, can block the stimulation caused by external factors, and can also avoid friction between the genital organs and the pants directly, and has a protective effect on the lower body. In the opinion of many people, underwear does not have a shelf life. You can just throw it away when you wear it out, but in fact, it is not recommended to wear a pair of underwear for too long. If it exceeds this time period, you can throw it away and replace it with a new one.

1. How long should I throw away a pair of underwear?
If you wear underwear that you don't wear often, you can throw it away after you wear it for about six months. If you wear underwear you usually wear it 30 times, you can throw it away. Some women buy underwear for menstrual periods. The shelf life of this kind of underwear is shorter. Generally, they can be thrown away after washing 15 times. Compared with winter underwear, the shelf life of summer underwear is shorter, and the shelf life is about two months shorter. Because you sweat more in summer and wash more frequently, the service life of underwear will be shortened.

In addition to the service life of underwear, how often to change underwear is also an issue that everyone is more concerned about. Some people say that it is changed every two or three days, and some people don't change it for a week, while those who prefer to be clean will change their underwear every day. Do you need to change your underwear every day?

2. Do the underwear need to be changed every day?
Before we understand this answer, we might as well know how many bacteria there will be on the underwear that has been worn for a day. A microbiologist once studied underwear worn for a day and found that an average of 0.1 grams of feces on a pair of dirty underwear, including not only food residues excreted by the human body, but also bacteria, microorganisms, and possibly viruses. There have been reports that there are 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, etc. on a pair of dirty underwear. It can be seen that underwear is relatively dirty after being worn for a day.

It is recommended to change and wash once a day. If the weather is very hot and sweat a lot, it is recommended to change and wash twice a day. Many people may feel that it is cold in winter and they don’t need to change and wash their underwear too frequently, but no matter what the weather, human excretion is the same, so there will still be a lot of bacteria on underwear. For the sake of health, it is best to change and wash every day. How to wash? How to sun? These are also issues that need attention, so let's take a look down together.

3. How to wash and dry underwear is the most suitable?
I don’t know how you usually wash your underwear. Some use hot water, some use bleach, some use soap, etc. The truth-seeking is not as complicated as everyone thinks. The recommended cleaning method is to soak it in disinfectant for 30 minutes. , And then wash it by hand with laundry detergent. After washing, you need to put it in the sun. Some people may wonder whether the front is facing the sun or the back facing the sun. In fact, there is no need to think too much. Because the sunlight is relatively weak, it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria and other impurities on the underwear.

There are many "lazy people" in life who feel that washing underwear is too troublesome, so they buy a lot of disposable underwear. Are disposable panties that do not need to be washed repeatedly?

Its appearance has really brought convenience to people. If women are in menstrual period, postpartum recovery period, or during treatment of gynecological diseases, it is really convenient to use disposable underwear, and throw them away when they are used up. However, it is not recommended to wear it every day. Many disposable underwear on the market have poor air permeability, poor hygroscopicity, and may not be qualified. Regular wearing may breed a lot of bacteria, which is harmful to health, so it is not recommended to wear disposable underwear every day Panties.

You can choose pure cotton underwear for daily use, which has good air permeability, is not easy to breed bacteria, and can also absorb sweat. The size of the selected underwear must be appropriate. You cannot choose too tight underwear. It is not only bad for blood circulation, but also rubs the genital organs, which can easily cause itching or infection, so pay attention to the selection of underwear. All in all, underwear should be changed regularly, it is best to wash it once a day, and then dry it properly. Choosing pure cotton underwear with good air permeability and appropriate size can better protect your health.

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